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Welcome to Best Auto Insurance, your source for cheap car insurance quotes from the best auto insurance companies. Our mission at Best Auto Insurance is to help you find the most affordable car insurance policy and to get you the best coverage for you and your family. Click here to get started!

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How Is My Rate Calculated?

A key factor to consider for auto insurance companies is whether or not you will be a good customer and can afford to pay the premium they offer. Factors like age, type, and car brand are accounted for when auto insurance companies compile a quote specifically for you. One of the best things you can do to ensure a low premium is to maintain a clean driving record, as this is the most easily controlled factor.

Your credit score

Your credit score affects your auto insurance policy. Not every state allows insurance companies to use this information to determine your premium’s cost; however, the majority do, so it is beneficial to be aware of this.

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City and Zip Code

Each state requires its licensed drivers to have insurance. To get affordable insurance in your area, you must understand that there is a variance in the minimum requirements for coverage and which companies serve each state. The result means that no auto insurance agency can have consistent rates or premiums in every state.

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Type of Car

Based on your car make and model, your insurance can range from very affordable to very expensive. Best Auto Insurance wants to provide you with a wide variety of content that explains the various factors that can determine your auto insurance premium.

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Promotions and Discounts

Among the most popular discounts are the low mileage and good driver discounts. If you drive fewer miles per year than the average driver, you are less at risk for an accident, and an auto insurance company will lower the cost of your policy. Some companies may even offer discounts for having a professional degree or living in a specific neighborhood.

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