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When you're searching for the best auto insurance company for your needs, coverage and price are not the only factors you should focus on. Car insurance company reviews and ratings from other customers or review services will help you find a company that is not only affordable, but also easy to work with. The better the customer service and support, the less stressed you will be in your time of need. Individually researching every car insurance company can be tough, but luckily, here at Best Auto Insurance we've done all the ground work for you. Not only can you explore individual insurance agencies' rankings and ratings, but also compare quotes and prices as well as company facts and figures. Best Auto Insurance wants to help make the process of buying car insurance relaxed, efficient, and seamless. To that end we have brought together information on the various companies you can purchase auto insurance from, and have presented this information in a concise and easy-to-read format so that you can research a multitude of car insurance companies and find the coverage that meets your needs and your budget.

While we offer auto insurance quotes from several companies, here are twenty of the best car insurance companies as well as their ratings from JD Power and Associates as well as users:

J.D. Power Ratings

Company Overall
the Insurer
and Payment
Pricing User % Completely
21st Century 52%
AAA Auto Insurance 52%
AIG Auto Insurance 41%
Alfa Auto Insurance N/A
Allianz Auto Insurance 53%
Allstate Auto Insurance 37%
American Family Auto Insurance 40%
Ameriprise Auto Insurance 54%
ACE USA Auto Insurance N/A
ACG Auto Insurance N/A
ACSC Auto Insurance N/A
ACUITY Auto Insurance N/A
Auto-Owners Auto Insurance 30%
Bituminous Auto Insurance N/A
Chubb Auto Insurance 48%
CSAA Auto Insurance N/A
Commerce Auto Insurance N/A
COUNTRY Auto Insurance 59%
Encompass Auto Insurance N/A
Erie Auto Insurance 52%
Esurance Auto Insurance N/A
Farmers Auto Insurance 39%
Foundation Reserve Insurance Co Auto Insurance N/A
Farmers Auto Insurance 39%
Germania Auto Insurance N/A
GMAC Auto Insurance 63%
Guide One Auto Insurance 42%
Grange Auto Insurance 49%
The Hanover Auto Insurance N/A
Harleysville Auto Insurance N/A
The Hartford Auto Insurance 28%
Holyoke Mutual Auto Insurance N/A
Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance 32%
Michigan Millers Mutual Auto Insurance N/A
Mercury Auto Insurance 48%
MetLife Auto Insurance N/A
Nationwide Auto Insurance 35%
NJM Auto Insurance N/A
Norfolk & Dedham Auto Insurance N/A
One Beacon Auto Insurance 23%
SECURA Auto Insurance 50%
Selective Auto Insurance N/A
Safeco Auto Insurance 30%
Shelter Auto Insurance 63%
State Auto Auto Insurance 45%
Travelers Auto Insurance 33%
Unitrin Auto Insurance 42%
USAA Auto Insurance N/A
Utica National Auto Insurance N/A
W. R. Berkley Auto Insurance N/A
West Bend Mutual Auto Insurance 65%
Westfield Auto Insurance N/A
Zurich Auto Insurance 34%

*New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. is an insurance provider open only to New Jersey Business & Industry Association members, State of New Jersey employees, NJM's previously insured drivers, and/or previous/current auto/homeowner policyholders and therefore is not included in the rankings.

*USAA is an insurance provider open only to U.S. military personnel and their families and therefore is not included in the rankings.

Scoring Legend
The rest About average Better than most Among the best

Please note that not every car insurance company offers insurance in every state, but with companies like these, you are sure to find the best affordable car insurance you can get.

Furthermore, when looking for an auto insurance company for coverage of your car, you want more than just an affordable price. You want excellent customer service, twenty-four hour support and staffs of professionals that will work with you from the moment you report an accident to its successful resolution. Many of these companies have experienced and well-trained auto insurance brokers that will not only help you find the best price for your coverage, but help you when you actually need to use it.

The auto insurance companies represented here at Best Auto Insurance have long and distinguished histories of giving their clients exceptional customer support and affordable coverage. We, however, want to hear the whole story, and that includes you as well. Eventually, we plan to add functionality to allow you to post your own car insurance company ratings for other readers to see and comment upon. These ratings, along with auto insurance reviews you will be able to write, will give users a clear picture as to how competent and satisfactory the insurance companies they're dealing with are.

With user-reviews, customer ratings, and much more, we intend for Best Auto Insurance to be your first stop when looking for auto insurance coverage that fits your needs and budget. You are invited to browse through all of the auto insurance companies offered here and find the one that you think will have your best interests at heart.

No one wants to get into an accident, but if or when it happens, you want the best people to help you through the difficult times ahead. Let Best Auto Insurance help you find a car insurance company that will stand with you when that happens, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.