Insuring the Most Commonly Stolen Vehicles

Learn Which Car Makes are Stolen Most Frequently

When trying to find cheap auto insurance policies, it is important to know specifics about your vehicle so that you can understand how your policy is priced. While many know that obvious car traits such as safety rating and age factor into your cost, the likelihood that your vehicle will be stolen is also a major factor. At Best Auto we strive to make you an informed consumer, so educating yourself about the most stolen vehicles is a necessity. Even if your car is not one of the top ten, it is important to know which makes and models are. Remember that similar autos share similar rates with most companies. This idea will help you understand why your policy is priced a certain way.

When you are finished exploring the different models and their relative statistics on theft, it is recommended that you get a free quote on your own vehicle. Remember, auto insurance policies and costs are never fixed and change frequently. It is advantageous for you to constantly request new quotes and compare providers each year to insure that you are saving money.

Remember, if you are looking to save money on your policy, driving cars with similar safety features and design as the ones below is a great place to start. If you aren't currently in the market for a new car, but want to save money from your current insurance, try Best Auto's free quote generator and compare multiple rates from all the best auto insurance companies.

# Stolen per
1k Insured
Average Loss
Per Claim
10.8/1,000 $11,934
9.7/1,000 $9,636
7.1/1,000 $10,324
7.1/1,000 $10,118
1.7/1,000 $41,229
6.2/1,000 $10,324
4.5/1,000 $12,458
7.4/1,000 $7,571
8.0/1,000 $6,814
6.7/1,000 $8,472
5.7/1,000 $9,499
6.5/1,000 $7,764
9.2/1,000 $4,681
8.4/1,000 $3,852
8.2/1,000 $5,476
7.8/1,000 $8,251
6.5/1,000 $6,752
6.6/1,000 $4,563
5.6/1,000 $5,842