What Your Auto Insurance May Not Cover

While auto protection will deal with many eventualities, it does not cover every eventuality. Imagine a situation where you have rented a vehicle and are involved in an unfortunate collision that renders the vehicle unusable. Your auto protection should step in and cover the costs, but it doesn’t cover all costs. For instance, the rental company may charge you loss of use fees, in which case you are responsible for the rental fee for the vehicle until a replacement is available.  In some instances, your coverage may not cover the entire cost of the totaled rental vehicle leaving you liable for the difference.

Car theft is a common concern for vehicle owners. Insurance covers the cost of a stolen vehicle, and your auto protection plan will also cover the loss of vehicle-specific items. For example, your insurance would cover the loss if your stereo or built-in DVD player is stolen. However, insurance will not cover other items stolen from the vehicle. If, for instance, you left your laptop computer in the trunk of your car and that laptop was stolen, you are solely responsible for covering the loss.

There is an odd twist in insurance that can be confusing. If you were to lend your car to your brother and he crashes it, then insurance will cover the damages to the vehicle. If that same brother moves into your house with you, he is no longer covered. This may seem backward, but this policy exists to prevent a safe driver from purchasing insurance for high-risk drivers.

In another scenario, if you are involved in a collision and are found to be at fault, your automobile coverage will pay the damages. Unfortunately, if you are involved in a collision and the other individual is uninsured, your insurance may not pay. To ensure you are covered in this eventuality, you must purchase an uninsured motorist plan.

Auto protection is wonderful for standard vehicles, but it may not be the best option for motor homes or collector cars. Auto insurance companies flag these for having hard-to-find parts and requiring special maintenance that is not covered by standard auto insurance. Good thing there are specialty plans for such vehicles! That way you can continue to cruise in your motor home and go for those weekend joyrides in the collector cars.

Having auto protection is vital for anyone who owns a vehicle. Just as understanding what that protection does and doesn’t cover, finding the correct specialty plans to deal with any potential problems with your coverage is also important. If you have questions regarding auto insurance, let Best Auto Insurance help you find a policy that is suitable for you and your family. Call us today to get an auto coverage quote!

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