Top Three Companies for Discounts

Getting the most for your dollar is on everyone’s mind these days. Wading through the offerings of different insurance companies can be a daunting proposition. You will want to research all the avenues so you can get all the discounts that are available to you based on your driving record. Whether you are just starting, or you are a seasoned veteran on the roads, there are various discounts available to ease the strain on your pocketbook. The market is saturated with enticements from all kinds of companies to get and keep your insurance dollars.  Let’s take a look at the top three companies offering the most discounts.

Esurance offers a great array of discounts based on who you are and how and what you drive. They offer multi-policy discounts, fast 5 where you get 5% off your total premium (or a $50 rebate on liability if you live in Louisiana), paid-in-full, and Switch and Save. That’s a lot of dough left in your pocket when you go with Esurance.  They offer an array of other discounts as well.

Geico gives you all kinds of discount options.  Some of the examples are simply based on your car’s features: airbag, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft, and running lights. If your car has these, you may be in the money.  Geico will also give you discounts based on your history, with their five-year accident-free and your use of seatbelts-better click it! If you took driver’s Ed, or are a good student- look for that discount! As a military member or federal employee, Geico gives you more savings.  Of course, they also offer multi-policy and multi-line discounts to cover all your insurance needs.

You can score even more savings with State Farm’s insurance discounts.  They offer a good student policy to save you 25 % for good grades up to age 25. As with most others, they offer both multi-line and multi-policy discounts to save on all your insurance needs.  You can save up to 10% for having three years pass without an accident or a moving violation.  Their Steer Clear and Safe driver saves even more for drivers under 25 who take this course. A defensive driver’s course may get you a further discount if it is available in your area.  Drive Safe and Save gives you a 5% enrollment discount and you can rack it up with a safe driving record.

As you can see, these three companies are throwing all kinds of savings at drivers. Multiple discounts are what will entice you to get a free quote, so make sure to also check out other features and benefits to ensure that you get the most protection available.

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