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Proof Of Insurance At Your Fingertips

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Smartphones are not only getting smarter but they are becoming personal life management systems for many users. Thanks to over 1 million apps on the market, life is getting easier to organize and prioritize. Another technological enhancement has hit the market making proof of car insurance more readily available via an app. Now your smartphone can go to work for you and produce that valuable information wherever you need it, at any time.

For most drivers, you need it the most when you are being pulled over by a police officer. When an officer wants to see your proof of insurance, you no longer have to panic, search, and sweat bullets. Just head over to your apps on your phone and show the officer instantly. Electronic proof of insurance is being widely recognized in many states as the nation steps further into the age of instant information.
Insurance companies for many years have given drivers a paper-based insurance card. This continues to be an acceptable form of proof. Yet, thousands of drivers have fraudulently used Adobe Photoshop or other software to create the appearance of having car insurance. Even with this new app, it is still strongly suggested that you continue to have a paper copy in your car as well. After all, phones do die when needed the most. Having this back-up will keep you from an unnecessary citation or fee.

Several states have already approved the use of electronic proof of insurance with more to certainly follow suit in the near future. Approving electronic proof of coverage laws so far this year are Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Virginia were the first states to latch on to this new age app of convenience. The drawbacks to this app, is that not every insurance company is using it. It is expected that smaller insurance companies will get on board as more states pass the law and make this more of a standard rather than a trend.

Since we live in a world where most people never leave home without their smartphone, this app is a no-brainer for people on-the-go. Those flashing red and blue lights may still put you in a state of panic, but with this cool app, you’ll never have to search for your proof of insurance.

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