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Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia
Tips for finding the best rates from car insurance companies.

Cheap car insurance in Georgia is out there, you just need help to find it. The company with cheapest auto insurance rates on average or the one that offers the least expensive policies in Georgia may not provide you with as good of a plan as somebody else. Since everybody requires different levels of coverage and protection, there is no single rate or plan that is hands down the best. That being said, if you know what to look and ask for when you're shopping for a new policy you can save a lot of money over the course of the year. Due to the large number of requests we received, we created this page which is filled with a few tricks of the trade to help you on your way to finding the cheapest auto insurance in Georgia available for you. Our insurance experts at Best Auto Insurance have come up with the following tips:

How do you Drive?
While you may see yourself as a good driver, your record or family and friends may not think this is the case. Unfortunately insurance companies are even more judgmental when it comes to your history behind the wheel. There are numerous classifications for motorists that companies use to determine price for insurance, and one that you do not want to be in is called Non-standard or high-risk. If you are looking for cheap car insurance, being considered a high-risk driver immediately nullifies your ability to sign a standard policy. Do not be caught off guard, there are simple questions that you can ask yourself to find out if you are not a standard driver. For example: have you ever been arrested for drinking and driving? Are you a very young or very old driver? Do you have a recorded history of traffic infractions or accidents?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions it means that shopping for affordable auto insurance is going to be difficult because an insurer would most likely consider you a non-standard driver. In this instance your rates are more expensive even at the most basic level. All hope is not lost however, the pricing between insurers is inconsistent and you can still find cheap car insurance if you get multiple quotes and shop around. In addition there are certain companies that specialize in drivers who are in the high-risk category and are able to provide cheaper rates with a longer coverage agreement. All you need to do is ask what kind of policy is available to those drivers who are non-standard. If you are purchasing a policy for your family, be aware that even if you are a good driver that doesn't mean your reduced insurance cost will off set for a family member who is a bad driver.

Is Your Car Parked on the Street at Night?
The question sounds ridiculous, but it has importance when you're searching for affordable auto insurance. Be prepared for an agent to ask you a variety of questions before they finalize your policy numbers. One typical question that most people are confused by is when they are asked where their car is parked at night. Remember if you have a dedicated parking spot, or a covered spot, or park in a gated garage or lot, your coverage will cost less than somebody who needs to find street parking. Many times paying for a parking spot over the course of the year will cost you less than no spot at all because of the discount you'll receive in your policy.

How much insurance do I really need?
The major reason people purchase insurance policies are to protect their assets. Typically the minimums for coverage that are required by law will pay the amount required if you are in an accident. However, if the accident is serious, involves multiple cars, or leads to the death of a participant, you are at risk. As soon as your policy is fully paid out, a victim of an accident you caused can bring you to court to seize your assets. If you killed somebody because of your driving, many times families will sue for additional damages, and if you don't have enough insurance, and they win the case, you could lose your house, other investments, and even your own car. When you're young and don't have many assets to your name, the minimums for coverage will more than protect everything you own. However as you get older and begin to acquire more wealth, you should raise your insurance to a higher level so that that wealth which you have worked hard to gain, remains in your control. Knowing your own worth will save you money when purchasing a new policy, as you can aim to get coverage that is for the exact amount you need. The more fat you trim from your policy the more money you have in your pocket each year.